About Us / History
The Waffle Cabin® was a concept started by Peter Creyf & Ingrid Heyrman. We originally called it "Leo's – Gaufres de Liège" operating from a pushcart at Quincy Market in Boston in May 1998. After varied results at this location and one at Boston Common Park we decided to try a new venue - ski resorts.

We started in December 1999 and immediately we felt a spark - an enthusiasm for our waffles. During Presidents Week that same season we were given a chance to operate at another resort and the results were the same which was quite exciting. When our first season was over we contacted other resorts who gave us the go-ahead to sell our product. We weren't always given the best locations but this just motivated us even more.


Throughout the following years we added more cabins at different resorts and hired full-time employees. After a short time resorts were coming to us requesting that we open a cabin on their slopes. We have only grown since then and will continue to do so as we are dedicated to our one-of-a-kind product - Waffles!


We would like to thank all those who have helped us grow, from the resorts to our loyal customers. We won't forget your help but will continue to deliver the highest quality product and service. We will continue to grow in a way that honors everyone to whom we have to thank for our success.