Open 7d/week

9:00 a.m.  -  4:00 p.m.


Whiteface Mountain
5021 Route 86
Wilmington, NY 12997

More about our waffle cabin franchise!

Welcome to the Waffle Cabin at Whiteface !

This is our first year here at Whiteface
and already we've had a very warm welcome
and have been serving thousands of waffles !

What a welcome, both from the Resort as from you - the guests !!

Our goal is to brighten your day (and your kids') with a warm sugar waffle,
Original or with chocolate topping (semi-sweet dark Belgian chocolate). 

We also serve Hot Chocolate Belgian-style (very chocolaty - yum!),
Hot Apple Cider, Coffee and Tea. 

We do tend to get quite busy at the end of the day,
so please do take this into account when planning your day.

See you here !  Travel Safe.


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