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A never ending story... And that is exactly what it should be. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and years perfecting our recipe and it shows. We have friends and family coming over from Belgium and they find our waffles better than 95% of what they find at home. One must also keep in mind that many ingredients we use are different than what one finds in Belgium or Europe.


Many times we get ideas from customers; some of which we have in mind ourselves, some that are new and fresh ideas. Any idea is worth looking into. For instance we will be looking into gluten-free sugar waffles in the near future. That is one of the ideas. We have other ones that still remain "secret" and those we'll look into as well.


I am always open to any of your suggestions. If you take the time to send me an email I will read it. So if you have any suggestions feel free to email me. Any kind of feedback "be it positive or a complaint" I'm ready to hear it.

Wish me luck with my endeavors, as the better the product development, the better for you, and for all our customers. Cheers, Peter

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